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Hydro-Flo Technologies
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Clarifiers and Clarification Systems

Hydro-Flo Technologies' line of Inclined Plate clarifiers is engineered to remove settleable suspended solids from wastewater or process streams by the most efficient means available.  A properly designed Inclined Plate clarifier will remove these solids allowing downstream filters or process equipment to perform as designed, as well as reducing overall operating costs and improving overall system maintainability.

Every Hydro-Flo Inclined Plate Clarifier is available with numerous plate spacing options.  By altering the plate spacing (to allow for different solids loading ratios, settling rates, etc.) Hydro-Flo can make certain your clarifier is sized appropriately for your application.  By combining the plate spacing options with different Inclined Plate clarifier configurations, Hydro-Flo ends up with the largest line of clarifiers available.   This allows us to solve a tremendous variety of water treatment issues, making Hydro-Flo Inclined Plate Clarifiers the most versatile systems available.

LS Series (Stinger™)
Inclined Plate Clarifier

Model LS-21 handles up to
35 GPM of continuous flow
(based on application)

The LS series clarifier (affectionately dubbed the "stinger") is the finest low flow clarifier available.  We have only had this product on the market for 2 years and already, other companies are copying the design.

Three LS Series Inclined Plate Clarifiers Ready for Shippment 10Built from the highest quality materials the "Stinger" has features usually found in much more expensive clarifiers.  For example, it comes standard with a sludge thickener (which pre-conditions the sludge prior to dewatering and also prevents maintenance issues like "rat" holing).  And it has the largest sludge storage capacity of any clarifier it its class.

It comes pre-assembled, factory tested and is easy to install.  Simple to  operate and maintain.   Everything you could want in an industrial duty clarifier built to take all the abuse you can throw at it and still keep doing its job day in and day out.

Prices start at...

....$13,260 COMPLETE

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ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Installed at a Nissan Manufacturing Facility 21Hydro-Flo Technologies manufactures two basic Inclined Plate (Lamella) clarifier models, the LS Series (Stinger™) and the ClariMax.

Also, we have the capability of adding a central surface drag skimmer for the removal of floatable constituents from the waste stream.  This is an exclusive Hydro-Flo feature, making our clarification systems the most versatile available.

ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier with drag skimmer option

This feature becomes extremely important for those of you who are treating a variety of waste streams with a single system.  By incorporating a dissolved air flotation recycle system, the clarifier can now operate as an incredibly efficient dissolved air flotation system.  This will allow you to operate the system as a clarifier when treating "settleable" materials and as a DAF when your waste product tends to float or remain suspended in the waste stream.

ClariMax™ model 700 in stock available for sale or lease...

This mobile clarifier features 3000 square feet of total projected surface area (2,394 effective) .  This unit can handle typical process flows in the range of 500 to 850 GPM (0-1000 GPM max operating range) depending on the desired operational efficiency.  This is the finest clarifier we produce and it includes all the bells and whistles. 

  1. For operator access (equipment maintenance and monitoring) we have incorporated a central bridge mounted catwalk with OSHA compliant handrails and ladder. 

  2. The media packs are precision machined, hand welded polypropylene for a precision fit and also, the utmost in chemical resistance.  Also, the super slick surfaces presents the accumulated sludge with the lowest surface tension available allowing the sludge to easily slide off the plates. 

  3. Our stainless steel trough assemblies are engineered to give our clarifiers the best possible flow distribution available in the market today.  Also, as a plus, adjustment of the troughs is achieved within minutes by the use of our optional hand-wheel assembly.  A quick turn of the wheel raises and lowers the trough sections making setup a snap.

  4. This clarifier comes equipped with an air sparge system to help clear solids from the plate packs prior to prolonged system shut down or equipment maintenance.

  5. Monitoring the effluent is a turbidity sensor and controller tied to the main PLC. 

  6. The clarifier comes equipped with a double drop trailer, but not just any double drop.  This trailer is set up with a custom air bag system that allows you to set the trailer directly on the ground.  All you have to do is position the clarifier where you want it, blow the air from the airbags and the clarifier will set right down on the ground.  No cranes, no heavy equipment, no fuss, just drop this trailer where you want to treat and you are ready to go.

  7. This clarifier can travel anywhere, any day, anytime without any permit requirements. That's right, this is the largest mobile clarifier package available that travels anywhere without over size load permits.  Hook it up anytime (day or night) and haul it to your customers site an a moments notice.  You can be up and operating within hours of arriving at your customers site.

As with the clarifier, the pump systems and controls are the finest available.  The influent pump package features variable speed progressive cavity pumps that will gently process the influent flows without causing damage to the flocculated influent stream.  These pump controls can be tied into your overall PLC control system to proportionally feed the clarifier influent as needed.  The sludge pump package is also a variable speed progressive cavity pump of the same type and manufacture as the influent systems to keep spare parts to a minimum.  This sludge pump can also be tied back to your systems overall PLC systems to make the sludge transfer a snap.  Whether you are feeding directly to a filter press, a centrifuge or any other type of sludge dewatering device, this pump system will handle the demand without blinking an eye.  The flow meters and sensors used are top notch industrial duty devices that are designed to operate under the harshest of environments.

  1. One (1) influent pump package with the following features:

    1. Three (3) 175 GPM progressive cavity pumps (525 GPM total)
    2. Inlet and outlet isolation valves
    3. Pressure gauges with isolators
    4. local power disconnect
    5. Flow meter
      1. Feedbacks to the variable speed control system.
  2. One (1) sludge pump package with the following features:

    1. One (1) 175 GPM progressive cavity pump
    2. Inlet and outlet isolation valves
    3. Pressure gauges with isolators
    4. local power disconnect
    5. Flow meter
      1. Feedbacks to the variable speed control system.
  3. Local control panel with the following features:

    1. NEMA 4x panel

    2. Four (4) VFD's for controlling the influent and sludge pump packages

    3. Local PLC IO rack for tying back to the overall system controls

    4. "Emergency Stop" and "Soft Stop" switch station with "circle" guard

    5. 100 feet of interconnecting cables (as required) for tying into your power source and ancillary system controls.

Clarifier alone     ....$235,900           

Ancillary pump systems and controls     ....$102,750           

Trailer     ....$  42,900           

COMPLETE SYSTEM     ....$381,550           

           Lease the complete system as described for $1,125 per day

Call today and find out how to save 20% off of the current list price

That's a $76,310 savings on the complete system


ClariMax Series
Inclined Plate Clarifier






The ClariMax Inclined Plate clarifier is designed for high flow (up to 3000 GPM) severe duty applications.  The ClariMax is available in four different profiles, ranging in height from 8 to16 feet tall (with the sludge thickener) and 9 to 19 feet tall (with the pyramid hopper).

Hydro-Flo is the only company offering both co-current and counter current technology in a single compact clarifier package.  Hydro-Flo has patent's pending for this highly efficient Hybrid technology.

Stinger Inclined Plate ClarifierLS Series (Stinger)
Inclined Plate Clarifier






The LS Series Inclined Plate clarifier is designed for low flow solids sedimentation applications.  It can handle flow rates up to a maximum of 200 GPM.  It is a compact, cost effective clarifier suitable for most applications with solids loading ratios of less than 1500 PPM.

Hydro-Flo's ClariMax™continues to evolve...

Working with contractors, engineers and plant operators, the staff at Hydro-flo constantly strives to improve the design of our products in order to improve overall operation efficiency, installation and maintenance.  We have developed a new "effluent trough / truss" design to improve flow distribution as well as the overall stability of our equipment when installed in seismic and hurricane zones.  We have improved our thickener design by converting to a double helix sludge auger / thickener design that improves overall thickening and eliminates any "dead" spots as well as "rat holing".  The horizontal design gently turns the sludge over in the hopper giving the water a ready escape path to  the surface greatly improving clarifier sludge pre-conditioning.  Other structural improvements include a heavier clarifier upper girdle section, heavier base plate sections, a new lifting lug design and a tubular "flow through" truss system for the support of the plate packs.


Hyperion picks Hydro-Flo as supplier of clarifiers
for their mobile oil/gas manufactured water treatment system...

The clarifier is one of the key components used for the treatment of manufactured water in the oil and gas industry.  Used for the efficient removal of suspended solids prior to water reuse, Hydro-Flo's clarifier is ideal for this application.  When Hyperion landed their design/build contract, they knew their customer needed a clarifier that would perform well regardless of the makeup of the water being treated.  Knowing that they needed a clarifier capable of providing uncompromising results they came to Hydro-Flo for a solution. 

The clarifier was designed, fabricated, assembled and shipped ahead of schedule.  They are now looking to us to supply other treatment components for the system as it's functionality expands in the future


Schitzer Steel picks the ClariMax™as the preferred device for solving site run-off issues...

We are happy to announce that Schnitzer Steel has picked Hydro-Flo as the manufacturer of the clarifier for their new plant expansion.  There was a great deal of competition over this contract, but Hydro-Flo's superior design and customer support won the day.

Hydro-Flo worked long and hard with the engineers and general contractors supplying them with design data and documentation, as well as 3D models and other engineering support to make sure that the design would integrate seamlessly with the other process equipment required at the site.


Hydro-Flo lands Hecla project...

Hydro-Flo was picked as the clarifier supplier for this project for a number of reasons.  While it is true that they liked the ClariMax's™ advanced features and design, our ability to customize the unit specifically for their facility played a large part in choosing Hydro-Flo as a supplier.  Our horizontal thickener, auger assembly was one of the features that allowed us to meet their very stringent sight specific requirements.


Hydro-Flo chosen as supplier to Harris Mechanical...

Hydro-Flo's help in the overall planning of this facility proved to be indispensable during the initial design phase.  Our engineers provided 3D models to the customer and reconfigured our equipment to meet all the ancillary plumbing and structural issues.  Our recommendations saved them thousands of dollars in structure reconfiguration issues and also allowed them to incorporate the structure of the clarification system into the walkway and platform support system.  The clarifier dropped right into place and integrated seamlessly with all the other structural elements of the project.


The Hydro-Flo Stinger™ sells world wide...

These small full feature clarifiers have been finding their way into small manufacturing facilities world wide.  Their high efficiency and small size allow small producers to meet their discharge requirements.  As an additional bonus, the Stinger™comes standard with a sludge thickener.  Hydro-Flo is the only manufacture to offer this feature in this class of clarifier.

Stinger Bench Scale Inclined Plate Clarifier

Bench scale Stinger™ is a hit with chemical manufacturers and major universities...

Also, Hydro-Flo has been supplying specially built Stinger™ style clarifiers for use at laboratories and major universities.  These small scale units duplicate the full scale operating environment that will be seen in a fully functioning system.  This allows chemical manufacturers to fine tune chemical formulas at their facilities instead of trial and error in the field.  Also, use by students at the university level allow them see units in actual operation and solve industry specific treatability issues.


Flash Mix & Flocculation System with ClariMax lamella Clarifier Installed at a Superfund Site 01 Clarimax Inclined Plate Clarifier 02 ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Installed at a Nissan Manufacturing Facility 03 ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Installed at a Texas Instruments Manufacturing Facility 04 ClariMax lamella Clarifier with Custom Dual Sludge Hopper Installed at a Superfund Site 05

ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Under Fabrication 06 Dual ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifer systems Destined for a Military Installation 07 LS Series Inclined Plate Clarifier V-Notch Effluent Weirs 08 Flash Mix & Flocculation System with ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Installed at The Hudson River Dredging Project 09 Three LS Series Inclined Plate Clarifiers Ready for Shippment 10

Two LS Series Clarifiers with Multi-Stage Chemical Reaction Systems 11 Loading a Large ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier for Shippment 12 Flash Mix & Flocculation System with ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Installed at a Distillery in Puerto Rico 13 ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier with Access Platform Being Inspected Prior to Shippment 14 LS Series Inclined Plate Clarifier with Multi Media Effluent Filtration System 15

ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifer 16 Three Clarimax Inclined Plate Clarifier Systems Operating In Parallel 17 ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier Getting Ready for Startup 18 Loading a Large ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier for Shippment 19 LS Series Inclined Plate Clarifier with Multi-Media Effluent Polishing Filter Installed at a Goundwater Remediation Site 20

Chemical pretreatment for inclined plate clarification systems:

Chemical pretreatment is not always needed with inclined plate clarification systems. When used, chemical pretreatment allows for the separation and removal of contaminants a clarifier alone will not remove.  Most pretreatment applications require the use of acids, caustics, coagulants and flocculating polymers. The more common coagulants are inorganic salts such as alum, ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate, lime, sodium hydroxide or organic polymers. Preconditioning requirements are usually site specific and will impact operating cost, effluent quality, sludge volume and possibly water reuse.

The Hydro-Flo Technologies inclined plate clarification system can handle difficult wastewater applications as a stand alone system, or with any combination of chemical inputs, including liquid polyelectrolyte's, dry powders, and organic and inorganic wastewater chemicals at various injection rates.

Hydro-Flo's customers have the opportunity to utilize our wastewater tech resources located in St. Charles, Illinois, USA. Instead of sending a sample to our facility for analysis, we dispatch a chemist to your site in order to review your entire process.  Representative wastewater samples are taken and jar tests conducted on site to identify the most cost effective chemical pretreatment program.  A lab test study will also determine the most relevant equipment for your application.  Our on site lab tests also tell us the proper chemical treatment, proper mixing times, as well as present us with a good understanding of how and where to locate the chemical injection points in the piping system ahead of the clarifier. Lab studies identify approximate operating costs and wastewater cost savings. This information is very valuable, and necessary, to develop the proper chemical regime and determine the proper sizing of the separation systems.

Contact Hydro-Flo today for details.

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